Why will I buy the iPhone 6 Plus?

Why will I buy the iPhone 6 Plus?

I recently published an article explaining as to why I hate the new iPhone (iPhone 6). I explained in that post how I was disappointed with the iPhone 6 (multiple times). But in the recent times, I have realized that I might need one after all.

Let me explain.

I have two Apple products, mainly the iPad Air and iPod Touch 5th Generation. This might come as a shock to you but I have invested in the iOS App Ecosystem since I had the iPod Touch 1. Yes, I was an iOS user since the iPod touch. But I always expressed my hate with the iPhone and how I wanted my music device separated from my phone.

I have multiple devices. Which came into question by many. Each device in my arsenal have a specific use. iPad for easy web browsing and iPod touch for gaming and multimedia. I separated specific functions of my devices because there’s one thing I don’t like happening. Losing battery.

If you’ll look at my Android phone, the Galaxy Note 3, it only has mostly social media and tools on it. It doesn’t have many games. Business is business with my phone.

Then came the introduction of power banks. I was able to charge my devices now. I was not losing power anymore which got me thinking. Do I still need multiple devices?

I reflected for a while.

I finally decided to say goodbye to three devices.

Why the iPhone 6 Plus? The iPhone 6 plus is a massive phone. It fits what I need from a device. I can comfortably browse on it and read on it. I can make it my multimedia device, my gaming device, and my social media device. I will now have one device which I can charge from time to time with my power bank should I ever need it.

The bend gate issue made me reconsider the iPhone 6+. However, the issue only happens on people who uses back pockets for their phones. I don’t wear skinny jeans so I am fine.

Am I saying goodbye to Android? For the time being, yes. I will be saying goodbye to my beloved Note 3 which has served me incredibly well for the past year.

So, the challenge now is finding an iPhone 6 plus.