Why I Hated the new iPhone?

Why I Hated the new iPhone?

It was one of the most awaited iPhone yet. Well, all iPhones are. But this particular iPhone got me excited. Before its grandiose reveal, I had been keen on following up on the leaks. They said that there will be two versions now but overall the size of the phone will be bigger. Steve Jobs laughed when Samsung has introduced the Galaxy Note. But Samsung had the last laugh when Apple has succumbed  to the “bigger is better” mantra.

When Apple has released the iPod Touch 5th generation, I was pleased that it has the bigger screen as the iPhone 5 and has added features like improved camera. I thought to myself, “Apple must be learning.”

Then came the release of the iPad air. I was incredibly happy that it has the same hardware as the iPhone 5S, albeit the lack of a better camera. But it was a step in the right direction. The lighter form factor made it a winner. I bought the iPad Air and I did not regret it.

With all the leaks of a Sapphire Glass, being shatterproof and waterproof, my expectations for Apple was extremely high. I finally admitted something that day. This might be the first time I will be getting an iPhone. An iPhone that I had despised ever since its creation.

Come the big reveal. Twitter was in a fuzz. Facebook timeline keeps on updating. One by one, I waited and hoped that it would be the same as the leaks.

But no.

It wasn’t what I expected. Apple failed me.

But then come the hope of a good camera. Maybe the camera is a redeeming factor. I am eyeing on iPhone 6 Plus.

It wasn’t. The Optical Image Stabilization was not meeting my expectations. But maybe, just maybe, it could work. Websites has shown me how amazing the camera of iPhone 6 is. It’s the best mobile phone camera–they proclaimed.

Then #BendGate happened.

Imagine my frustration. I gave myself so many reasons to love the iPhone. I made excuses to myself. Lowered my expectation.

But I guess it’s really not just for me. Not now, anyway.