Where to Find Megastones in Pokemon X/Y?

Where to Find Megastones in Pokemon X/Y?

You have completed the game now and you don’t know what to do?  Well, you could try and find all the Legendary Pokemons out there or you could try and find all the known Megastones in game so far or do both. This guide will help you find your Megastones.


So, in order for you to find all the _hidden_ Megastones you have to do some stuff first. I’ll list them out for you:

  1. Finish the Game. Yes, you have to finish the game in order to ‘unlock’ the train going to Kiloude City.
  2. Finish one match of Battle Maison in Kiloude City. This is necessary for your rival to appear.
  3. Defeat your Rival. Defeat your rival on Kiloude City. She is located at at the northern part of the city. After winning she will give you a mega stone for Absol.
  4. Travel to Anistar City and Upgrade Your Mega Ring. Your rival will tell you that Professor Sycamor is looking for you at the Sundial in Anistar City.

After talking to him, you are all set! BUT WAIT, remember that you can only see these hidden stones during 8pm-9pm. Please take note of this.  They will appear as something shiny. If you want to get them all in one go, I suggest you bring lots of Max Repel.

Hidden Megastone Locations (on all versions)
  • Mega Mawile (Mawilite). Camphrier Town. It is located at the 2nd floor of Shabboneau Castle by the left staircase. You can’t miss it.
  • Mega Medicham (Medichamite). Lavarre City. It is located in front of the well that is in front of the gym.
  • Mega Gyrados (Gyradosite). Couriway Town. The waterfalls on the north east side of the Couriway Hotel. It’s shining in the middle waterfall.
  • Mega Kangaskan (Kanghasnite). Glittering Caves. It’s located at the first right after entering.
  • Mega Banette (Banettite). Chamber of Emptiness. (Note: You need Surf and Waterfall for this.) To enter the Chamber of Emptiness, you have to travel in route 22. Before you go up the stairs and enter the Victory Road. Go south and use surf in the body of water. Go down the waterfall and enter the Chamber of Emptiness on the land near it.
  •  Mega Alakazam (Alakazamite). Reflecting Caves (B3F). On the 3rd floor basement, you’ll see a door behind a ledge. On the north side of the area, you’ll see a door that is being reflected on the mirror. Go into that door and follow the path it leads to. At the end, you’ll see a patch of light with the stone glittering on it.
  • Mega Scizor (Scizorite). Frost Cavern. It is behind Abomasnow.
  • Mega Garchomp (Garchomite). Victory Road.  (NOTE: You need Rock Smasher in order to destroy something here). Travel to where you battled with your rival. Just west of it is a wall with a different color (sort of light gray). Break it with Rock Smasher skill then get in. You won’t miss it.
Version Specific Mega Stones

On this part of the guide is the version-specific stones. But the locations are the same. On the left side is for Pokemon X, and on the right side is for Pokemon Y.

  • Mega Pinsir (Pinsirite)  / Mega Heracross (Heracronite). Santalune Forest (Route 2). When you see a block with a tree, go north west of that block and you will see the glittering thing near the open path.
  • Mega Manectric (Manectrite) / Mega Houndoom (Houndoomite). Route 16. If you see two skaters going around a large rock, the mega stone is behind the rock.
  • Mega Tyranitar (Tyranitarite)/ Mega Aggron (Aggronite). Cyllage City Gym. Just go in and climb the first rock wall. Instead continuing to the top, go to the right and you’ll see it at the dead end.
Mega stones from People
  • Generation 1 (Kanto) Mega Stones (Venosaurite, Charizardite X/Y, Blastoisite). Choosing any one Pokemon will have a megastone with them. If you are looking for the other Mega Stones, it is available by talking to the man at the Stone Emporium. Be wary as Stone Prices change from time to time. It can range from 100,000 to 1,000,000.
  • Mega Gengar(Gengarite). Given to you on Lavarre City.
  • Mega Aerodactyl (Aerodactylite). Given to you in Ambertte Town.
  • Mega Mewtwo (Mewtwonite X/Y). Dropped by Mewtwo upon defeat.
  • Mega Gardevior (Gardeviorite). Given by Diantha (after the game). You have to trade a Pokemon.
  • Mega Lucario (Lucarite). Given to you in the Tower of Mastery.
  • Mega Abomasnow. Given to you in the Frost Cavern after rescuing Abomasnow.
  • Mega Absol (Absolite). Given to you by your rival after you defeat her in Kiloude City.
  • Mega Ampharos (Ampharosite). Azure Bay. It will be given by the old man that is standing on an island.