How to get rich in Pokemon X/Y?

How to get rich in Pokemon X/Y?

Are you ready to get rich?! I know that’s a resounding yes. But this guide is not about real life stuff. It’s about Pokemon X and Y. I know that some of you are asking for help on how to get rich in game and if you did not discover it just yet, let me help you. Here are some guides to get rich.

First Things First, GET THE GOLDEN AMULET.

The path to getting rich is about this item. This item will DOUBLE the money you get when you battle with trainers. Just make sure that you give it to your Pokemon to hold and that Pokemon should appear in battle. The Golden Amulet is inside a room at Parfum Palace (where you got the Pokeflute). The room is on the first floor and it is in front of the fireplace.

Battle Chateau

Battle Chateau

Throughout the remainder of this post, it is suggested that the Golden Amulet be worn at all times.

Don’t Avoid Trainers on the Road, Battle Them!

I know that battling trainers will not really let you progress on the game faster but trust me that battling trainers will earn you so much money and a good amount of experience. Make sure you turn your EXP Share on to spread the EXP love. Also, remember to equip the Golden Amulet.

Sweep Battle Chateau Every Once in a While

It is a place where it refreshes with trainers for you to battle.  The Battle Chateau is a building located at Route 7 near the Pokemon Day Care and the Berry Fields.

Dine at Restaurants

There are four fine dining restaurants, Restaurant Le Nah, Restaurant Le Yeah, Restaurant Le Wow, Sushi High Roller. Each with varying difficulties. Le Nah and Le Yeah are popular choices to get rich since you can just breeze through the Pokemon battles. Le Wow and Sushi are pretty much expensive since meals cost at 100,000 and 500,000 respectively but the prizes are great. After every each dine, restaurant owners will give you items where you can sell it for cash. If you won at preferred number of turns then you’ll get more items from them.

Update: The Sushi High Roller is a complete and utterly useless place, the prizes are just a rip off and you won’t gain money but rather lose some at around 100k to 200k. Avoid this place if your aim is to gain money.

One of the Restaurants

One of the Restaurants

Let’s Get Rich!

There you have it folks! My simple guide in getting rich in Pokemon X and Y. Have fun! More guides to come soon.