iPhone 4S Spotted in Davao [Pricey]

Despite the recent news that iPhone 4S users are suffering from major battery problems, the new iPhone is still selling like hot commodity. Here in the Philippines, the iPhone 4S anticipation is quite big. According to some people at Globe Telecoms, there’s not a day goes by without someone asking about the new iPhone.

For those who cannot wait to have one here in Davao. It is currently being sold in Tekpone with a whopping PhP 52,890 for the cheapest 16gb variant. As for the 32GB and 64GB they are PhP 59,390 and PhP 67,190 respectively. Talk about overpricing.

In any case, it’s the same trend. As the product has not yet been launched officially in the Philippines, the prices are extremely high but will go down as Apple finally releases the product here. However, if you want to be the talk of the town with a new shiny gadget then better prepare to shell out those extra bucks.

GUI and other mobile phone stores here in Davao are also planning to sell the iPhone 4S but their stocks has not arrived yet. As for the popular “Techish Gadgets” seller, iPhone 4S prices are Php 50.2k, PhP 56.2k and PhP 60.2k for the 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB Variants but only available on October 31, 2011. You may contact her here.

If you happen to come to Singapore, the iPhone 4S is already being sold there for Php 32,000++ for the 16GB variant. Why not go to Singapore instead? If you calculate it, the iPhone 4S prices now will enable you to buy your phone from Singapore with a round trip flight. Haha. (32k phone + 15k fare = 47k)