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Gameclub Philippine Servers are Under Cyber Attack?!

With PSN being attacked one can wonder when such attackers will be coming here in the Philippines. It turns out that it isn’t far off as Gameclub Philippines, publisher of games like Special Force and Cross Fire, has been under attack since last week. However, no hacker groups has claimed on the attack yet and most probably not the ones that attacked the Playstation Network months ago. Is this the first blow of attackers on Philippine servers? Gee, I hope not.

Website Notice posted below:

Good day players,

We have recently been targeted by cyber-criminals and have routinely been launching cyber-attacks at our game servers at night. We are using every resource possible in order to prevent these unscrupulous people from disrupting our services and your playing time.Please do not worry.

*Our game databases are secure and all your character and ecoin data are safe. These cyber-criminals only seek to disrupt our service by denying you, our important player base from playing the games you all enjoy. Our IT experts are already hard at work to prevent these cyber-attacks from disrupting your game-time. We apologize for the inconvenience this has cost all of you.

Gameclub Management