Are Netbooks a Dying Breed?

You can see tablets popping up here and there but rarely can you see a netbook being advertized. These miniature laptops are simply here to solve budget problems of students. These netbooks are often referred to as poor man’s laptop but really it’s not. Netbooks are actually convenient to carry around with and has an increadible battery life to boot. Sure it can’t run powerful applications but, for me, I use netbooks for quick photoshop edits and small programming for school.

But what differentiates Netbooks and Laptops? First of all, netbooks are tinier than most laptops. It has a mediocre processing power and a tiny RAM. But netbooks are light and portable. It is easy to carry around and more convinient for quick internet browsing. However, netbooks has their limitations. For example, it will seriously have a hard time playing 720p videos and could not play 1080p resolution videos. Though there is a work around for playing 720p videos, you have to pay for it. Laptops on the other hand are powerful enough to play any kind of videos. Most laptops today can easily play any size of video with ease and can perform almost any task a desktop can. However, being powerful has their limitations. For example, average laptops can only be sustained by a 2-hour battery life. Netbooks on the other hand can have 4-12 hours of battery life. Depending on the use, of course.

Now another player has come to play, the tablets. These touch screen marvel can wow anyone since it’s pretty much high-tech in a sense. Imagine, a screen as small as a netbook but without the bulging keyboard. Its processor is so small and yet so powerful that it could handle tasks with ease. The battery life? Well, let’s just say it all depends. The netbook might win in the battery part but for over all functionality who knows. But the absence of keyboard might be a bad thing for others. Imagine that you need to type a long article. Have you ever tried typing on the touchscreen? It’s a bit annoying since you really can’t feel the keyboard. Often times you could commit some typos because you cannot feel the keys and generally your fingers wander off.

I hate typing on touch screens. They are really unnatural and annoying. But we must face the facts. Nobody really types long articles or paragraphs nowadays. It’s more like drag this and that, then click the share button to be posted on your wall. Sometimes you need to just add a small text to accompany it, oftentimes you simply press post…

But I believe we are out of topic now. Let me guide you back.

No, I don’t believe netbooks are dying. In fact, these tablets does not really have enough functionality yet to be considered netbook replacements. Well… there’s the internet surfing part which is the “net” in netbooks. But netbooks are really not just for internet surfing. It’s an emergency computer for some. Sometimes it’s a back up computer for people who are just lazy to sit down in front of the pc (That’s me). Oftentimes, it is a portable digital notebook and an emergency internet tool. But most importantly, netbooks are cheap. It has giving computer portability to the masses.

One thing’s for sure, I typed this on my netbook.